Plan Your Successful Dining Programs with Ace Endico.

Ace Endico has spent great effort and energy over the last decade working directly with camps throughout the region to create a quality program that addresses the primary needs and services required of this specialized industry. From breakfast to beverage, we’ve got the inventory you want and we’re ready to deliver it in the time frame you need.


What’s a good morning without America’s favorite cereal brands and in the PC bowls your business demands. We’ve also got the makings for your best breakfast ever, including coffee, orange juice, pancake & waffle mix, bacon, sausage and even a full line of (Kosher) prepared breakfasts!

Ice Cream

If there is one important ingredient to making summer camp a memorable and rewarding experience, it would likely be ice cream— and plenty of it! With gallons of premium goodness, including Good Humor, Ben & Jerry’s favorite flavors, and cases of the best novelty treats, you’ll never be in short supply of smiles! And don’t forget the whipped cream, the rainbow of syrup flavors, the chopped nuts or the sprinkles!

French Fries

When it comes to quality French fries and potato treats, you can’t find a name more trusted than Ace Endico—after all, we’re synonymous with quality potatoes! In addition to our full Ace Endico Potato line, we offer a whole host of fry goodness, including the Kosher and zero trans fat offerings of Cavendish, one the most respected names in the fry business. And don’t forget the catsup!

Kosher Offerings

We have spent great effort over the last year not only adding to our Kosher offerings but cataloging them so that you know we have thousands of Kosher items stocked in our pristine HAACP-approved environment right now! From snacks, fully prepared meals, burgers and fries, beverages and more, we are also a direct receiver of Hebrew National.


What’s a party without pizza? From individual pizza components to the freshest tasting frozen offerings, our warehouse is a pizza lover’s paradise.


We’re also serious about health and nutrition. Our HACCP-approved state-of-the-art facility allows us to give the utmost care to our produce products. With eleven refrigerated temperature zones, we are able to store every produce item in our warehouse at its ideal and recommended temperature, which extends the life of your valuable vegetables.

Salad Items

The salad bar can be the easiest way to impart quality nutrition with relative ease. From fresh greens, tomatoes and fresh-cut vegetables to Ken’s delicious PC salad dressings, we’ve got all the items to stock your salads with selection! Our full-line pre-cut vegetable program is not only a time saver for camp business, but it’s also good business. There’s no need to keep a slicer on-premise, which helps keep your insurance costs down!


Nothing will silence kids more than a mouthful of munchies. And what’s better than munchies that have zero trans fats? Absolutely nothing! And salty chips, bagged popcorn and granola bars are great for hikes, too. Tasty morsels can also help the kitchen crew through clean up after the sundae bar.


Warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies have been known to cure even the worst cases of homesickness. And with our extensive Simply Delicious line of pastry and dessert items, there simply isn’t another broad-line distributor that has a sweeter dessert selection than us. From loaf cakes to brownies, we have delicious and quality budget offerings to bring a smile to every after-dinner face.


Hydration is health. And health makes happy campers. We know happy campers. In addition to Gatorade and bottled water needed for camp counselors and camp kids alike, we’ve got Vitality Juices—the juice you want! Why Vitality? Quality and convenience. We’ve even got the equipment and parts should your machines need repair. Don’t forget the Maxwell House coffee, or you’ll regret it come your second morning! Refreshing iced tea will be demanded by all, so stock up.

To become a customer or to place your order, call us at 914 347 3131 or 212 517 3035