Country Clubs

Count on Ace Endico for Extraordinary Service and the Highest-Quality Product.

And when it comes to supplying your needs for the nineteenth hole to the swimming cabana, from Gatorade to soft drinks, grab-ngo chip and cookies to Ben & Jerry’s novelty ice cream bars, hot dogs to hamburgers, French fries to nachos, Ace Endico is prepared to meet your facility’s diverse needs.

Location, Location, Location.

Draw a circle with a 100-mile radius around Westchester County and you will find one of the densest regions of country clubs in the United States. We are spot in the middle of club territory! Our proximity to your interests is a benefit that can’t be denied.

Essential Ingredients for Success

Regardless of individual artistic culinary needs, there are core ingredients that every club chef uses. We’ve got these essential ingredients for you to create any recipe, and we’ve got them in the national brands you want and trust.


Ace Endico offers carving station meats, along with spices, rubs and gravy choices. We offer an endless variety of pasta, imported and domestic tomato products. For breakfast, we have coffee cake, crumb cake, Danish, croissants, quiche, hashbrowns, potato cubes, table-ready eggs, egg whites, hard-boiled eggs and all the ingredients for an omelet station with the freshest produce and farm fresh cheeses. We offer juice, coffee and tea and hot chocolate options. Many options for the children’s buffet: sliders, mac and cheese, chicken tenders, wings or nuggets, French fries and make-your-own pizza.


Budget line for buffets and banquets and a gourmet line are available, along with individual desserts, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, mousse cakes, carrot cake, fruit tarts, pies, ice cream, tartufo, gelato, sorbetto, tiramisu, cannoli cream and shells, cupcakes, loaf cakes, pound cakes, cookies, brownies and blondies or individually wrapped desserts from a grab-n-go snack bar.

Hors d’Oeuvres

Whether you are looking to create your own hors d'oeuvre or have them on hand and ready to go, Ace Endico has what you need. From the protein ingredients of shrimp, beef and chicken to varieties of sauces and seasonings, we have what you need to prepare your own signature hors d'oeuvre. You can make your own teriyaki sesame chicken on a skewer with our chicken, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and skewers. Or we have handmade hors d'oeuvre by Saugatuck Kitchens, a large selection of Asian hors d'oeuvre, and the most traditional of options as well.


Imported and domestic cheeses are available ingredients for your cheese platters.


For the dining room, we have natural and sparkling imported waters, along with juices, bar mixers, frozen drink mixes by Island Oasis, Fabbri Mixybar line, coffee, tea (herbal selection) as well as nuts and snack mixes.

Snack Bar/Grab-n-Go

Ace Endico can offer you a huge selection of ideas for poolside service/snack bar items from the most basic of nachos, burgers, hot dogs and chicken to sliders, pizza, sliced meats for sandwich options, salad kits, prepared deli salads and breads. Novelty ice cream, yogurt and fruit are available, along with grab-n-go snacks by Frito Lay, individually wrapped cookies, brownies, crumb cakes and cupcakes.

Specialty Foods

Ace Endico takes pride in sourcing specialty items and imports: tomatoes, pastas, grains, olive oils, truffle products, vinegars, mustards, baking ingredients, fruit purees, pastes and syrups as well as locally grown and organic produce.

To become a customer or to place your order, call us at 914 347 3131 or 212 517 3035