Ready to Deliver.

Our Fleet Is Designed to Meet Customers’ Dynamic Needs.

Powerful & Efficient.
You can recognize an Ace Endico truck by its gleaming chrome, shining hubcaps and polished exterior. Loaded with UPS Logistics systems, they efficiently manage our delivery schedules. All of our elite fleet of Freightliner trucks have separate freezer compartments located at the rear, while the majority of these vehicles have lift gates for easy delivery, which also aids in the elimination of damaged goods.

Supported by State-of-the-Art Technology.
The entire fleet of Ace Endico state-of-the-art Freightliner trucks are equipped with GPS (global positioning systems). Ace Endico utilizes Roadnet and Mobilecast systems from UPS Logistics, the most advanced systems available, to manage delivery schedules and truck routing. Through our Fleet Management Platform, customers gain the ability to solve complex transportation challenges in a simple manner. With Roadnet, we are able to develop strategic territories and optimal route plans—and track these plans in real-time throughout the day, using this information to compare actual versus planned data. Our vehicle telematics solution provides a risk-and-safety-management tool to reduce unsafe driving behavior and improve vehicle longevity. All of this critical transportation intelligence is available through web-based dashboards and reporting—giving us the power to make solid business decisions. These systems ensure proper time windows for product delivery and they alert customers to unforeseen incidents causing delays within our delivery system. Additionally, our drivers and sales associates utilize the Nextel Two-Way communications network

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