Thinking Green.

Conservation Is an Integral Part of Our Business.

From our state-of-the-art facility to our business practices, from cost-cutting measures to environmental protection, we actively employ major conservation strategies that add value to both our operation and our customer/vendor investment.

Ace Endico is fortunate to be located in a pristine, untouched and natural environment. We have created our expanded facility to be completely self-contained. We operate with our own public water supply, which is achieved through a multiple well system. Our facility is equipped with extensive backup systems, including a one-megawatt generator to help protect against power failure and natural disaster. The company also conserves water through graywater usage and the use of detention ponds. Savings in electricity usage are achieved through LED high-bay lighting installation and motion sensor technology. A company-wide recycling program is also in place. Finally, Ace Endico strives to minimize paper usage and converts all forms of documentation to digital form.

We look forward to future conservation efforts producing significant and positive sustainability and environmental impact resulting in productivity gains and costs savings.

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