Customer Service

A Culture of Service

Dedicated Professionals Focused on Your Success.
Ace Endico’s experienced management and staff are dedicated to understanding our customers’ needs. Always with customer satisfaction in mind, Ace Endico’s customer service and account management teams help both small and large organizations meet day-to-day requirements and longer-term challenges. Equipped with the latest in technology and support systems, our team is poised to help your business prosper and grow.

“From the start, Ace Endico strives to understand the customer’s needs and develop a custom service solution that delivers on all fronts.”

Mitch Weisblatt
Transportation Manager


Food Logistics

Ready to Deliver.

Our Fleet Is Designed to Meet Customers’ Needs.
Powerful & Efficient. You can recognize an Ace Endico truck by its gleaming chrome, shining hubcaps and polished exterior. Loaded with UPS Logistics systems, they efficiently manage our delivery schedules. All of our elite fleet of Freightliner trucks have separate freezer compartments located at the rear, while the majority of these vehicles have lift gates for easy delivery, which also aids in the elimination of damaged goods.

These systems ensure proper time windows for product delivery and they alert customers to unforeseen incidents causing delays within our delivery system. Additionally, our drivers and sales associates utilize the Nextel Two-Way communications network.

Technology Cutting Edge.


Our state-of-the-art technology improves efficiency and delivers substantial value to our customers. These technology-driven features include:

  • Online Ordering, an application that allows clients to process orders and view accounts receivable at their convenience
  • Smart Dock, an in-bound freight scheduling system
  • On-Board Computer Systems, standard on our entire fleet of trucks, it monitors the safety of vehicles, engine diagnostics and fuel conservation (resulting in less idling time)
  • Lucas Systems’ Jennifer FoodSelect, voice-directed picking, ensuring accurate fill rates on all orders

Our sales associates are equipped with personal laptops with access to the latest product and pricing information, enabling them to help you make the best ordering decisions possible.


Ace Advantage

Extraordinary Products.Unparalleled Service.

Innovative Marketing Solutions
We strive to surpass our customer’s expectations of excellence by providing quality products, personalized service, continuous support and eminent integrity. We are deeply committed to building, maintaining and understanding the respective needs of our customers and suppliers.

Ace Endico’s services include:

  • Full service fine foods purveying & distribution
  • Delivery scheduling & tracking system
  • On-demand pricing
  • Online ordering
  • Test kitchen
  • Theater facility

The Ace Endico team is ready to provide you with the highest quality food products and services and we look forward to helping you meet the challenges ahead.

Our facility

The Right Environment.

Size Matters.
Greater space means more variety and more selection. With more than 200,000 square feet of floor space and 40-foot-high ceilings, our facility has approximately 8 million cubic feet of storage capacity. Our 20,000-square-foot climate-controlled shipping and receiving dock is also optimized with 31 bay doors. Products enter and leave our facility with surprising ease. Get orders on time, every time.

Coolness Counts.
With 14 temperature zones in our facility, our job is made easier. Our facility is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art, energy efficient, central industrial refrigeration system that is used to create varying temperature zones within the warehouse.

Products are stored within the temperature zone that best suits manufacturer specifications to ensure freshness and proper shelf life. Our facility also allows for six temperature zones dedicated solely to produce.


Delivery Scheduling And Tracking

Technology-enabled Delivery Success.

Ace Endico & Roadnet® for Optimal Efficiency and Delivery Performance
Distributors face multiple challenges every day, high volumes of customer orders to organize, rising fuel costs, drivers and vehicles to manage, changing road and traffic conditions, and tight time windows. All of these scenarios combined represent an overwhelming situation. To remain profitable it is necessary to find a balance between route efficiency and servicing customers.

Ace Endico utilizes Roadnet, formerly UPS Logistics Technologies, the most advanced system available to manage delivery schedules and truck routing. These systems ensure proper time windows for product delivery and alert customers to unforeseen incidents causing delays within our delivery system.